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by on May 7, 2011

This plugin is a QR Code (Quick Response) generator for mobile tagging. It allows you to create one of the ever-popular QR Code images anywhere on a page/post or in a text widget. A simple shortcode defaults to generating the 2d code for the current page/post.

Plus, attributes allow you to set the: size, color, url, tooltip, image format (png or jpg), and error correction level … along with an option to use a shortened url. The url attribute can be utilized instead as an email address, plain text, phone number, vcard, sms, etc.

You can download this plug-in at the WordPress repository. You can also view the prototype source code explanation for this plug-in.

Leave questions, comments, and suggestions below. Thanks.

Shortcode Usage Information

Upon activation of this plug-in, you'll have access to a new shortcode that generates QR Code images. In its default usage, a QR Code is generated for the current page/post. Additionally, you can use the shortcode anywhere on a page/post or in a text widget.

Basic Usage Syntax:


Example Usage:

    [wcs_qr_code url='now is the time' size='128' color='darkblue']

Available Attributes:

  1. url is the content for the qr code image (defaults to the current page/post url)
    more on this below
  2. size is square image's size in pixels (default is '100')
  3. color can be a 6-digit hex color value or an HTML color name (default is 'black')
  4. ecl is the error correction level (default is 'L|4')
    more on this below
  5. shorten is a toggle for shortening the url (default is 'false')
  6. format is the image format (PNG or JPG) (default is 'png')
  7. tooltip is the image's tooltip text (default is none)

ECL Details:

This plug-in utilizes the Google Charts API. You can view the various ECL settings here.

Essentially, the ECL code consists of two components: (1) the error correction level (L, M, Q, or H), and (2) the white border row/column width (1 – 40 rows, not pixels).

URL Details:

If omitted, the URL defaults to the current page/post url. You can also use any valid url or text (within the character limitation of the selected ECL attribute value).

When using an email address, a standard format is expected. For example should be implemented as

Telephone numbers also have a standardized format. For example, 212-555-1212 should be implemented as tel:+12125551212.

An SMS link is encoded in a fashion similar to an email address. For example, a link to the number 12345 should be implemented as sms:12345.

These and many other possibilities are explained in detail here.

Additional References

Here's a site that DECODES a QR image to verify the data:

This page offers a variety of information regarding QR Codes. And, you can view specific structure details at this new website

Here are a few sites that let you download a QR Code reader for your mobile device.

Update: Product Reviews

Within the first two week's of a new plug-in's release, a network of WP news sites announce the new product. This is a great boost to web site traffic and to plug-in downloads.

Moreover, we also received our first official product review on May 18 (11 days after release). You can read it at The Furry Blog – WordPress Wednesday.


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  1. 1

    Very Innovative Plugin. Testing on my Android and Works!

  2. 2
  3. 3
    Nanny says:

    Was causing my site to crash in iPhone and iPads browsers.Has anybody else noticed this?

  4. 4
    Anand Devan says:

    How do I generate the code for people to dial a phone number? The syntax given here doesnt work.

  5. 5
    Kevan Judah says:

    With Google deprecating charts -> images, you be updating this plugin to use another qr code generation script?


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