Three Videos for Developers

by on March 2, 2011

It's not often, for me at least, that I consider videos about web development to be reference material. But, here are three that you may agree are worth adding to your favorites.

This first one pokes fun (a subtle humor for insiders) at the upcoming March 11 mandatory Facebook “updates”. It is unlikely that there's an online developer platform which is more frustrating to work with than Facebook. There are constant changes which abruptly relegate functioning code to the dustbin. Plus, the Facebook Markup Language documentation is notorious for being outdated and erroneous.

So … this latest update, which essentially trashes FBML in favor of standardized iframes and HTML, may be an actual improvement. This developer update will also co-ordinate with a number of changes to Fan pages (for non-developers).

Our next one is from two years ago; but, it's a good one to show customers about the relevance to their business of getting involved in the social media revolution with Facebook, Twitter, and Blogging. It's had nearly 3 million views.

And, the last one in today's lineup is a good one to introduce your customers (and friends as well) to the basics of blogging … and its relevance in today's information-oriented society.

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    Carl says:

    I love that video on the social media revolution.

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