How To Fix the 3.1 Custom Permalinks Bug

by on March 23, 2011

Clearly, WordPress is my favorite web design platform. And over the years, I've blithely installed the progression of upgrades eagerly anticipating their added features and functionality. Rarely, have I ever had more than a very minor issue in all this time.

But … with WordPress 3.1 a problem appeared. Actually, it took a few hours for it to be called to my attention. There appeared to be a bug. I have several sites on different servers with various plugins and maintain many more for others. Some have the multi-site (multi-blog) feature enabled; some don't.

But … invariably … after this upgrade … any site with Custom Permalinks enabled (Dashboard -> Settings -> Permalinks) for blog posts … access to categories and tags were suddenly disabled … instead a 404 error (missing page) was presented. This was evident in menus and dropdown boxes which had been working perfectly prior to the installation.

So … after investigating my sites for the culprit yielded no clue, I began searching for solutions online. To my surprise, hundreds of others were having the exact same problem. It MUST be a BUG.

I tried several of the generous solution possibilities, but none of them fixed the problem universally. Some did help under certain conditions. But, I needed a panacea that would work in all cases.

In my experience, it was evident on … any site … any server … and with many different plugin configurations. It also happened with all plugins disabled. However, if I simply used the default permalink structure, category and tag lists worked perfectly.

Alas, this was not a viable solution as many of these sites had numerous backlinks which relied on the custom permalinks for referencing blog posts. Now … in a resolute quest … I devoured the source code of 3.1 comparing it with previous versions. Finally, I discovered the culprit. It was the canonical redirect. With the bug, ALL category and tag links from menus and dropdowns caused a 404 error … missing page.

After tinkering with code for about three hours, I finally constructed a solution that worked in each WP installation, each server, and all plugin configurations.

Hopefully, this will work for you too. With hundreds openly discussing this bug online, there must be thousands who are reading and trying solutions to no avail.

It should be noted that plugins which specifically alter category/tag URLs will continue to be an issue until the plugin developer and/or the WP design team address the issue. So … you definitely need to disable this type of plugin.

Also, in the comments below you'll see two posts for standard .htaccess files. If you've attempted repairs that didn't work, you may have modified your .htaccess file. So … use the single-site and multi-site examples as a baseline to reconstruct your code in that file, if needed.

Please note that this hotfix is a workaround to handle a WordPress 3.1 (actually 3.1.x) upgrade issue. As such, the resulting URL in the browser address bar will be changed to the internal default structure implemented in all WP versions prior to 3.1. In other words, it works but your displayed URL will be different. Nonetheless, you can certainly continue using your existing URLs … hopefully 3.2 will repair this issue.

ALSO … Seán Byrne at SSD Freaks has done some painstaking research about this permalinks issue. His problem was caused by the Multi-page Toolkit plug-in after upgrading to WordPress 3.1. Moreover, his detailed article, Culprit Found, may well provide information useful to others.

Update 2011-04-5:

Well … I just discovered another bug with 3.1 and 3.1.1 redirects … pagination does not work on category pages, on tag pages, OR on search pages. Further, it doesn't matter if you're using a custom pagination plugin or the default WP pagination.

So … I've updated the hotfix and added a support function to fix the pagination bug. Basically, we convert a URL that looks like this:


Update 2011-04-11:

In this update, we've addressed issues discovered by Jonas Nordström. First, we now bypass the hotfix all together if XML-RPC support is in use. Next, we implement the hotfix for RSS feeds involving categories and tags. They were broken with the WP 3.1 update too.

Basically, we convert a URL that looks like this:


If you've already installed a prior version of this hotfix, simply replace those two functions with the following two.

Update 2011-05-06:

Now, you can download this code as a plug-in at the WordPress repository. There's some more information about the plug-in at Plugin: WCS Custom Permalinks Hotfix.


Let's Look at the Source Code

So … without further ado, here's the code. Put it (both listed functions) in your theme's functions.php file. You could add a plugin header comment structure and place it in your mu-plugins folder for instant implementation on multiple blogs.

Here's the primary function, wcs_hotfix_31_redirect_canonical().

Code: PHP (plus WordPress)Function: wcs_hotfix_31_redirect_canonical

// repairs the custom permalink bug with WordPress 3.1+
// works with or w/out custom permalinks enabled
add_action('init', 'wcs_hotfix_31_redirect_canonical', -1);
remove_filter('template_redirect', 'redirect_canonical');
function wcs_hotfix_31_redirect_canonical()
    // hotfix version: 0.97
    // developed by Luke America with valuable assistance by Jonas Nordström
    // source code release 2011-03-23
    // updated 2011-04-05 (added fixes to pagination for searches, categories, & tags)
    // updated 2011-04-08 (added support for multisites that use subdirectories)
    // updated 2011-04-09 (added hotfix bypass to retain XML-RPC Support)
    // updated 2011-04-11 (added fixes for RSS feeds for categories & tags)
    global $wp_version;
    // does NOT assume bug will be fixed by next version release
    if ((!is_admin()) && ($wp_version >= 3.1))
        // extract current URI
        $uri = untrailingslashit($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);
        // bypass hotfix to retain XML-RPC Support
        $pos = strpos($uri, 'xmlrpc.php');
        if ($pos >= 1) {return;}
        // process hotfix for custom permalink CAT lookup
        $pos = strpos($uri, 'category/');
        if ($pos >= 1)
            // prep fix for CAT rss feeds
            $feed = '';
            if (strpos($uri, 'feed'))
                $feed = '&feed=rss2';
                $uri = substr($uri, 0, strlen($uri) - 5);
            // continue CAT hotfix
            $pos = strrpos($uri, '/');
            $len = strlen($uri);
            $cat_slug = substr($uri, $pos + 1, $len - $pos - 1);
            $cat_id_object = get_category_by_slug($cat_slug);
            $cat_id = $cat_id_object->term_id;
            $url = site_url('?cat=' . $cat_id . $feed);
            header("Location: $url");
        // process hotfix for custom permalink TAG lookup
        $pos = strpos($uri, 'tag/');
        if ($pos >= 1)
            // prep fix for TAG rss feeds
            $feed = '';
            if (strpos($uri, 'feed'))
                $feed = '&feed=rss2';
                $uri = substr($uri, 0, strlen($uri) - 5);
            // continue TAG hotfix
            $pos = strrpos($uri, '/');
            $len = strlen($uri);
            $tag_slug = substr($uri, $pos + 1, $len - $pos - 1);
            $url = site_url('?tag=' . $tag_slug . $feed);
            header("Location: $url");
        if (empty($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']))
             // handle true 404's, normal processing, etc
            // fix pagination for categories, tags, and searches
            $page_query = wcs_hotfix_31_get_page($uri);
            if ($page_query != '')
                $url = site_url() . $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] . '?' . $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'];
                $url .= '&' . $page_query;
                header("Location: $url");
            // handle default queries (not needed)
     Copyright © 2011 Gizmo Digital Fusion (
     you can redistribute and/or modify this code under the terms of the
     GNU GPL v2:

Here's the support function for the pagination fix. Both functions are required for this hotfix.

Code: PHP (plus WordPress)Function: wcs_hotfix_31_get_page

function wcs_hotfix_31_get_page($uri)
    // init
    $page = '';
    $pos = strpos($uri, 'page/');
    // convert to page query
    if ($pos >= 1)
        $page = substr($uri, $pos + 5);
        $page = 'paged=' . intval($page);
    // exit
    return $page;

Again, this bug is NOT encountered with custom permalinks for categories or tags. But … with custom permalinks for BLOG POSTS, category and tag link lists no longer function on … apparently … many WordPress installations with the 3.1 upgrade.

This hotfix should work with any custom permalink option for blog posts … and with the default option, as well. Drop me a note to let me know whether or not it fixed it for you.

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