How to Get Twitter User Data (Part 1)

by on June 11, 2011

Twitter is THE microblogging social network. And, we're fortunate to have a vast array of twitter-related plugins for WordPress. But, I haven't found one yet that just grabs the user data for any account and makes it available as an easy shortcode implementation for a blog.

That's exactly what we'll develop today. Plus, we'll offer several cool functions that you can utilize in plugins and other WordPress functions. We'll instantly grab more than two dozen stats for any user, cache them temporarily in the database, and then make them available as shortcode which can be presented in any post, page, or text widget. These include: followers count, following count, tweet count, and the latest status message. Moreover, our collection of functions that support this shortcode will format numbers and correctly create links in the status message. Further, any of it can be presented in your own arrangement preference.

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